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Our Pencils

Pencils for ages have been a delight to use be it in our schools or for artists or designers or in our offices or in hotels or by journalists. But understanding the importance of going eco-friendly a few pencil manufacturers have gone the environmentally responsible way. One such leading manufacturer based in India is environmental concerned company ADAMS INVENTION with 100% dedication for saving the environment we manufacture eco-friendly pencils using recycled paper, newspapers and natural ingredients. Our brand “WOODWISE PENCILS .Tm.” is helping companies, hotels; schools create an Eco-Friendly Corporate Identity.

  • Eco-Friendly Ball-point Pens ( helps reduce plastic usage)
  • Newspaper Pencils – that will not break while sharpening or writing
  • Plantable Pencils with Seeds – complete go green concept
  • Polished paper Pencils – with your message & logo on each pencil

Demand for Eco-Friendly Paper Pencil is continuously increasing as a call for safe and green products.

Our esteemed customers include from the Common man, Schools, Ministry, Corporate houses, NGO, s Hotels & Travel tour companies

It’s our commitment towards eco-friendly while maintaining quality


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