Evolution of Man. Devolution of Mother Earth

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Our Pencils

Pencils for ages have been a delight to use be it in our schools or for artists or designers or in our offices or in hotels or by journalists. But understanding the importance of going eco-friendly a few pencil manufacturers have gone the environmentally responsible way. One such leading manufacturer based in India is environmental concerned company ADAMS INVENTION with 100% dedication for saving the environment we manufacture eco-friendly pencils using recycled paper, newspapers and natural ingredients. Our brand “WOODWISE PENCILS .Tm.” is helping companies, hotels; schools create an Eco-Friendly Corporate Identity.

Deforestation is a major cause of many negative environmental changes. To make wooden pencils, forests are cut down every minute to supply wood. 82,000 Trees are cut to produce 14 million pencils as per world survey report. Let’s play a vital role in its preservation.

  • Eco-Friendly Ball-point Pens ( helps reduce plastic usage)
  • Newspaper Pencils – that will not break while sharpening or writing
  • Plantable Pencils with Seeds – complete go green concept
  • Polished paper Pencils – with your message & logo on each pencil

Demand for Eco-Friendly Paper Pencil is continuously increasing as a call for safe and green products.

Our esteemed customers include from the Common man, Schools, Ministry, Corporate houses, NGO, s Hotels & Travel tour companies

It’s our commitment towards eco-friendly while maintaining quality

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