Evolution of Man. Devolution of Mother Earth

No Breakage while

Writing or Sharpening 

Let’s write without guilt

Pencils for ages have been a delight to use be it in our schools or for artists or designers or in our offices or in hotels or by journalists. But understanding the importance of going eco-friendly a few pencil manufacturers have gone the environmentally responsible way.


Feeling proud to say that ADAMS INVENTION is India’s first leading manufacturer and introducer of recycled paper pencils under the brand name “Woodwise Pencils TM”.

What Makes it Different?

Traditional Wooden pencils

  • Uses Lumbar and Logging
  • Uses Bonding agents and have a Coated Finish
  • Causes Desertification and Global Warming from logging
  • Features a dull design
  • Has a Stiff Grip feeling

Eco-Friendly pencils

  • Prevents Logging and recycles wasted Paper
  • Materials used are Non-Toxic
  • Paper Body Absorbs Hand Perspiration
  • Soft grip and a Smooth Writing Experience



Old Anjeerwadi, Mazgaon, Mumbai, India